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The Understanding Human Design (UHD) Membership Community is for individuals who want to dive deeper into understanding their own unique Chart.

This is the place to learn more about how to live your Design in your daily life through creative, interactive and playful integration.

Human Design Chart

Your personal Human Design Chart can reveal your strengths, your weaknesses, and perhaps most importantly, your potential. Prepare for repetitive difficulties that you might encounter throughout your life, and embrace the opportunity to grow as you understand your personal Human Design strategy. With the assistance and knowledge of this book, you have a path to overcome these difficulties simply by following the directions set out in your Human Design chart, the "owner's manual" to your life.


What is Fundamental Creativity?

It is no accident that we experience epiphanies and revelations when we are distracted from reasoning and thinking. We often do our best thinking in the shower or when we are at peace. Relaxation and engaging in activities focused on beauty and joy elevate your dopamine levels (a neurotransmitter which increases the experience of pleasure in the brain). Increased dopamine levels actually increase creativity, causing your mind to be able to leap over stuck and fixed understandings and see greater possibilities and expanded relationships between ideas. This is called Fundamental Creativity.

When we are trained to think in ways that are unnatural to our own hard wiring or forcibly exposed to information that many of us feel is uninspiring and disempowering, we shut down access to a higher level of creativity that limits the possibility of what we can create in our own lives and on the planet collectively.

Human Design Chart

Quantum physics calls on us to become more conscious of the nature of our perceptions and to consciously cultivate perceptions that expand, rather than limit, our awareness of potential answers to our challenges. When we think about what IS possible and engage our creative imaginations rather than shutting down the power of our creative thinking with doubt and suspicion, we may find that we see more possibilities, greater answers, and elegant solutions that purely linear thinking may rule out.

The power to change our perception is also the power to change the nature of the reality we are living. If you change your perception and consequently change your reality AND the changes you make impact the people who you are locally and non-locally connected to, then it makes sense that individual shifts in perspective can ultimately begin to dramatically change the nature of our collective reality as well.

Creativity is not just being artsy

It is the ability to de- liberately collapse quantum potentials into your reality by consciously leveraging your perspective. In other words, you create your own reality, which then adds to the reality of others. If you want to create the reality you want to be living, you have to start with what I believe is the most fundamental creative question you can ask yourself: Who is the YOU who is creating your reality?

When we know who we are and how our perception of ourselves is programming the experiences we are having, we can begin to define who we are to match the reality - and the elegant solutions - we are seeking.

The Scientific Revolution gave us truths about how the material world functions. These understandings were a function of Material Consciousness.

Hallmarks of Material Thinking (Situational Creativity) and Consciousness include:

• Finite amounts and solutions

• Fixed laws with probable, possible, and predictable results

• Formulas

• Reasoning

• Logic

• Nature and Natural Law

• A drive for “certainty”

• A sense of value rooted in materialism

• Situationally creative (Reactive)

With the advent of Quantum Science in the 1900s, we saw a shift in the expansion of consciousness into Quantum Consciousness.

Hallmarks of Quantum Consciousness (Fundamental Creativity) include:

• The idea that your “thoughts create your reality”

• We are all connected by virtue of the Quantum Field (the energy field where all potentials are stored)

• We create non-locally, not just through physical action

• Fundamental Creativity (inspiration that bypasses conditioning)

• A drive towards well-being instead of material gain

• Embracing change, uncertainty, and potential

• Value based on quality and energy, not just material measurement

As we stand on the brink of this powerful creative revolution, the clues about what is next for humanity and how to get there lies in our evolving understanding of the material world and how we create and influence our experience of it.

The story of Human Design tells us that our energy field and the way we interact with the material world is about to go through a major upgrade. We are on the edge of a Creative Revolution. Our bodies and our DNA are evolving to hold higher frequencies of energy that support a shift in our ability to create.

We are learning to consciously harness frequencies of energy and manifest in the world in alignment with the frequencies we hold. We are breaking free from material consciousness rooted in binary thinking and finite resources that have to be gathered through hard labor. We are learning to create with the power of our minds, hearts, and conscious- ness in a new way that will help us find the solutions to the challenges facing humanity.

Human Design Chart

Creativity is simply the ability to create something.

How you perceive the idea of creativity, your experiences of being creative in your life, and the beliefs you are conditioned by, influence how you manifest the potential of creativity in your life. To find the solutions to the challenges facing us today, we have to consciously learn to cultivate a new kind of creative energy. Creativity must be consciously cultivated and used as a deliberate response to crisis and change. As we learn to draw more on the Emotional Solar Plexus as the source of our human creative potential, we are going to have to unlearn the patterns of our existential fears and to bust through these limitations that can feel so paralyzing and daunting.

We won’t find the solutions to the challenges ahead of us if we’re stressed, burned out, overwhelmed, or in a state of panic. To cultivate a higher state of fundamental creativity, we have to nurture ourselves, rest, restore, and replenish our connection to Source and keep ourselves in a conscious state of relaxation and joy. Fundamental creativity comes from Infinite Source (the Quantum Field) and offers us solutions that often interrupt the patterns of what has come before.

It is “out of the box” thinking that challenges us to take a leap of faith and try something new. FUNdamental Creativity is imaginative and possibility oriented, aligns with the bigger Cosmic Plan and is inherently “unreasonable”, meaning it defies the patterns of what has come before. In the Understanding Human Design Membership everything we'll be doing together is built around this premise! I hope you'll Join Us!

From my Heart to yours,

Karen Curry Parker

How does it work?

What we're offering you in this Membership is something you can't get anywhere else in our Community or School. We've created a space to give ourselves the time to do the things we all neglect doing on our own... Playing and Having FUN!!! (Oh and the actual learning and integration is a just natural effect from all the fun we're having!)

We have weekly hour-long Meet-Ups via Zoom on Monday's at 2pm CST. All meetups focus on a specific topic or element related to Human Design. (Additional days or varying times for meet-ups are dependent on content or activity of the month.)

What are the benefits?

• Quarterly Curriculum: 90-Day How to Live your Design Expedition

• Weekly Energy Forecasts: Learn a deliberate way to harness the energy of the planets to support you in creating what you want in you life

• Play Dates: Designated time to bring out your inner child and explore your creativity through drawing, coloring, painting or any other crafting

• Guided Imagery Meditations

• Guided Quantum Alignment System™ EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) session to assist the nervous system and body in de-conditioning and support learning integration

• Snack & Story Time: Book of the Month and Guest Speakers

• Game Day! A whole hour of gaming FUN! (Games will vary, details and instructions will be given at the meetup.)

• BONUS: Movie Dates: Popcorn and all! Play guess the HD Chart

“This wonderful place makes it doable. Whatever “it” is. All of the pieces, this fabulous, frustrating world, are brought together here in a beautifully cohesive way. It is more support and guidance than I could have ever imagined!” - Stacy

“Connecting with like minded people from around the world has been amazing. I really feel the invisible thread of support and love, I have developed more confidence and self-belief that I can create in alignment with my souls gifts.” - Ron

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