Do you feel loved, seen and heard in your relationships?

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…because you were born to give and receive Love.

Does this sound familiar?

• You struggle to really explain what you want and need to your partner, even though it feels like you’re being clear.
• You wish your partner understood you better.
• You feel stuck in a cycle of repeating the same themes in your relationships.
• Communication feels challenging.
• You have big expansive ideas about Love but you struggle to actually experience it in your relationships.
• You feel unsupported. 
• You keep dating the same person in a different body.
• Your children confound you.
• Your family doesn’t really “get” you - and, truthfully, you don’t really “get” them either.
• You find yourself locked in power struggles all the time.

Being in any kind of a relationship is the number one biggest challenge of our “Soul Curriculum” as humans. We all have big ideas about how love should be, should feel, should look like, but actually embodying love in our relationships is often hard.

There are 5 major challenges to transforming your relationship into a relationship you love:

1. You’ve got to know yourself first. You can’t expect to show up for partnership of any kind - including parenting - if you don’t know what you want, how you operate, your internal and external signals, your non-negotiables, your communication style and your energy needs.  

2. You have to override the culture narrative of what a “good” relationship is. You also have to learn to give yourself permission to define yourself and your relationships in the way that works for you. There is no one-size-fits-all definition of a “soul mate”, a “good” parent, a “good” spouse or partner, a “good” boss, a “good” daughter/son/sister/brother/grandparent. YOU get to decide what is “good” for yourself.

3. You have to start with yourself first. You literally ARE what you attract. That doesn’t mean that your partner and relationships are “mirrors” of who you are. That means you’re going to attract people who are complementary to you in ways that are either loving or in ways that will help you learn how to be in better alignment with yourself (once you get enough distance and perspective on the situation…). For most of us, that means we have to heal all of those old stories about it not being “okay” for us to be who we are and how we are. We have to learn to love and accept ourselves. (Even on bad days…)

4. You have to know your partner. We didn’t all spring from the same cookie cutter. Your partners, your parents, your children, your friends and your neighbors are all different from you. One of the biggest places where we fail to fulfill the potential for our relationships is we assume that other people want the same things as us and in the same way.

5. You have to know the stages of relationship, have clear expectations, not make assumptions and read the emotional landscape with loving curiosity instead of reacting from old unmet energy needs and conditioned patterns.
All of this requires intention, being deliberate and a system that helps you not only know yourself, but also helps you understand the people you’re in relationship with. When you understand yourself, your unique energetic hardwiring, your “soul curriculum” and how you best communicate - and you have these same key insights about the people who you love - you CAN transform your relationship and deepen your experience of LOVE in your life.
I’m Karen Curry Parker, one of the world’s leading authorities on Human Design and creator of Quantum Human Design™ and the Quantum Alignment System™.  

I could tell you all the details of my professional career and training, but the truth is, the most important “jobs” I’ve ever had are being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. 
I am married to a man who is provocative (he has the 39/55 Channel defined) and can sometimes push every one of my buttons. I’ve raised profoundly emotional children who were able to make me forget the peaceful effects of my early morning meditation in a nano-second! I struggle sometimes to be a good daughter because my parents - even though they’re in their eighties - still sometimes trigger me. I can sometimes blame others, lose my cool, feel unheard and frustrated and struggle to explain what I need and want.  

That’s because being in relationship can feel hard. We learn more about ourselves in relationships than we’ll ever experience sitting on a mountain top meditating in a loin cloth for 20 years.  

If your relationships feel challenging that’s because they’re supposed to challenge you. Your life partners are helping you grow.

A few years ago I surveyed my subscribers and asked them what was the biggest thing they learned from knowing their Human Design. I expected them to respond with things like knowing their Human Design helped them become more aligned with their abundance, helped them find the right work, be healthier…

I was surprised to discover that the single biggest thing that people learn from knowing Human Design was how to understand the people they love better. When you understand yourself and your Loved Ones, relationships get easier and you stop taking so much of what happens in partnership personally.  

• You learn that some people are provocative because it’s part of who they are.

• You learn that some people fight for attention because they need it to feel loved.

• You learn that some people need to talk to get clarity.

• You learn that some people blame when they are struggling with their own lovability.

• You learn that some people cause you to say things you would normally never say to anyone else because it’s a part of their design.

• You discover what you need to feel heard, seen and loved and what your Loved Ones need to feel heard, seen and loved - and you realize that it feels good to be able to love them in the way that feels right to them.

And more.

This is the power of understanding Human Design and relationships.

Of course, it’s more than just knowing Human Design. Human Design explains A LOT, but it doesn’t explain everything. You also have to look at your conditioning, your own expectations, your own self-love and learn key skills that make it healthier and easier to be in partnership.

I created the Transform Your Relationships program to help you learn exactly how to put the love you have for yourself and your loved ones into action - so that your relationships become a source of support, love, nurturing, fulfillment, joy and more.

In the Transform Your Relationships Program you’re going to learn:

• What Human Design Type is best for you to be in relationship with. (Hint: It’s not what you think!)
• How to REALLY attract your Soulmate.
• Your unique relating patterns.
• How you can sustain the “juice” in your current relationships.
• How to forgive and let go so you can move forward.
• How to stop blaming your partner and other empowering relationship strategies that can make you better at loving.
• How to identify your sexual patterns and accept them without judgement or shame.
• Whether you are designed to be married or designed to be “free”.
• What you need to do to be heard and valued in a relationship.
• Why you may be doing some of the things you do to get love and attention.
• How to be a better parent, lover, friend, daughter, son, sister, brother, business partner, neighbor
• How to be heard and seen.
• Your communication needs.
• What you do when you don’t feel loved and how you can cultivate a healthier way to get what you need.
• How to identify power struggles in your relationships and how to sidestep them without tearing the fabric of your relationship.
• How to interpret what your partners are REALLY trying to tell you and how to help you get to the Heart of good relating and true love quickly and easily.

What you’re going to get:

• 11 Weekly, self-study video lessons
• Study questions to help you integrate what you’ve learned. (You can do this with your partner or on your own!)
• The 5 Quantum Types ebook
• Love by Type list
• Two 2-Hour Live Q&A Replay Sessions with Karen

This class is for you if:

• You’re stuck in old relationship patterns and you’re trying to unravel why you keep manifesting the same old thing in your partnerships
• You’re a parent 
• You’re in a committed partnership
• You’re learning to love yourself
• You’re trying to find your Soulmate
• You want to be a better friend, boss, business partner, neighbor 
• You have a passion for peace
• You’re just trying to be a better human

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“Understanding my Human Design and my wife’s literally saved our marriage! We were separated and on the brink of divorce when we found Karen. What we learned helped us to take better care of each other, respect each other and craft a way of being together that is a real reflection of who we are individually and together. Last year we adopted our first child together and we look forward to growing our family again this year. What a difference awareness makes!”

R.B. - San Diego, California

Look, having fulfilling, loving and peaceful partnerships is one the most essential components of living a life rooted in well-being. The Human Design chart shows us that we are designed to be loved and supported. When we feel loved and supported we actually influence the speed at which we manifest, we’re healthier and happier.
Having great relationships isn’t a mysterious, fateful or lucky process. Understanding yourself and your Loved Ones gives you key insights that can help you immediately transform your relationships.
You deserve to be loved.  
From my Heart to Yours,