How do you know what’s true?

Is there an absolute Truth? 

Do you trust what you know?

Whether you believe in conspiracy theories, the news, what other people say, scientific research, signs and wonders or your own combination of all of these, knowing how to know and how to trust what you know can be challenging.

And yet, the Quantum Human Design™ chart shows us that we’re designed to “know”, to be in the flow of life’s intelligence guiding us and to know how to know and to trust that we’ll know what we need to know when we need to know it.

But you can’t know what is true or not if you’re not in integrity with yourself first. If you’re not in integrity, you’ll only hear the version of the truth that matches your vibrational frequency.

You’ll only understand the truth that appeals to your trauma or your wounds.

In a time of massive shifting and changing, you need to know how to connect to what is true, how to turn on your inner wisdom and your deep knowingness so that you can truly hear the whisperings of what is true and what is Truth.  

Without this solid foundation of inner wisdom, it’s hard to pivot and be prepared for what’s next.

In this Free Class You’re going to learn:

• How to know your truth

• What you need to do to bring yourself into integrity

• How being out of integrity causes confusion and lack of clarity

• How to increase your awareness of truth 

• How to transmit and share truth and influence others

All “by design” of course!

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