Distractions, bad news, other people's pains and challenges that you feel so deeply with your compassionate Heart, defending your energy, trying to explain to others what you sense and feel, feeling deeply connected to something bigger than yourself…

and yet feeling like you don’t know exactly what the next step is in helping shape the future of this amazing world we live in…

You know we’re on the cusp of big change - The Shift - and that you have a vital role in helping the next evolution of humanity. 

Our human energy “blueprint” is in a constant state of flux as we grow and change. As our creative ability expands and our ability to fulfill the potential for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world grows, knowing about the new global cycle we’re about to enter has never been more important.

During this free webinar you’re going to learn:

• What’s really happening in the world right now and why there’s so much tension and conflict

• How the human design chart has evolved

• New changes in the chart and how you might be impacted

• How to be fully aligned with the coming changes

• How to deepen your purpose and mission to ensure you do your part in creating a better world

The world is changing.  

You don’t have control over that.  

But you do have control over how you experience this change. You can create challenge, struggle, conflict and divisive energy.  

Or you can create with warmth, Light, calmness and softness. You can create in a way that brings people together — REALLY actually together — sharing stories of challenge and adversity, vulnerability, transparency and with a willingness to create win-win solutions that benefit everyone.

You can come together and speak Truth, honor each other without judgement and discover new ways that each and every one of us interconnect to fulfill the Cosmic Plan and create the future together.  

This isn’t some naive, Utopian fantasy — this is how Shift should feel. Your Life can feel like this. 

Remember, when you reclaim the truth of who you are, you not only create a life that is worthy of you; you also take your place in service to the world.

From my Heart to Yours,


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