Maintaining emotional stability during times of massive change

Staying Aligned is Vital - even when you’re freaking out inside!

Emotional energy is the most creative energy in the Human Design chart. Your emotional energy calibrates the magnetic force in your Heart, influences the Law of Attraction and keeps you deliberate and aligned with your goals and your creative potential.

But knowing how to sustain and maintain a powerful emotional frequency of energy is a skill set that requires knowledge, mastery and practice.

What is emotional energy? And why is it so important at this time on the planet?

Being connected to Source, being connected to a place of emotional stability and knowing how to anchor your baseline emotional frequency is a skill set that's going to support you, in not only staying grounded and centered and powerfully creative yourself, it's actually an energy that you will expand on and impact others with as well. 

In this class, we'll be redefining emotional energy. Depending on whether you're emotionally defined or open, you can learn to really stabilize your emotional energy so that you become deliberate in your life instead of reactive.

During this class you’re going to learn:

• How the Emotional Solar Plexus helps create your reality

• Why this Center features prominently in the future of the world

• How to learn to harness the creative power of your Emotional frequency as a key element of deliberate creation

• How to stop letting your emotional reactions derail your intentions and goals

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