Creating an Evolved Path to Intimacy

Love is the energy that binds us all and the foundation of all relationships, friendships, family and community. Knowing how to love people and accept them for who they really are allows us to love deeper, more completely and in a more fulfilling way.

Imagine this. 


Let’s say you are “in love” with someone who is moody, critical and very creative. You have days that are just heavenly when he/she is delightful, caring, romantic and sweet. Other days your partner is sullen, snaps at you and criticizes you.


You try to talk to your partner and tell them you don’t like their moods. They try really hard to change or, depending on their mood, they become angry with you and you both end up feeling unloved or resentful.


What if you could understand your partners “moods” and realize that they’re not personal…in fact they have nothing to do with you at all and that this energy is simply a part of your partner’s creative cycle. 


Imagine being able to support your partner in their creative process and how deeper and more supportive your love can become…

Or how about this…


Your child struggles with school. He is easily frustrated, has a hard time remembering information and resists the “rules”. Is his behavior a problem? Does he have ADD? 


When you truly understand his temperament and how he learns and operates in the world, you may discover that this is a child who learns intuitively, needs time to integrate information and likes order and consistency.  


As a parent, instead of reacting to his struggles, when you know who your child is and how they operate, you can be proactive and develop a parenting strategy that can help your child discover his best method for learning and give him the gift of self-mastery.


All of this and so much more is possible if you understand Human Design and how we energetically connect and relate to each other.

The mechanics of personality and even the mechanics of how we interact in relationship are not personal. It’s just energy and we can’t necessarily control the energy. But we can control our response to it. That part IS personal. 


Are you ready to learn a new way of relating? 


…A new way to connect more deeply, with greater love and acceptance for both yourself and your loved ones?

In Sexuality by Design, you're going to learn:

• The three phases of relationships

• What creates attraction

• The five Human Design Types and their energy needs

• Sexual attraction - What’s “right” for you

• Marriage, commitment and relationship “style”

• Unmet energy needs, mistaken motivations and how they influence what you attract

• Sexuality and the Profiles

• Factors that affect “types” of relationships

• The 9 Resiliency Keys


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