Join us for a FREE 7-Day Root Center Challenge (July 5th-13th)

Learn to really trust in Divine Timing and be in better alignment with Time in your life.  

The Root Center, Divine Timing Center in Quantum Human Design™, is the square located at the very bottom of the bodygraph. This is the Center for adrenaline energy. It is also considered one of two pressure Centers in the system (the other one being the Head Center) And it is also one of four motors in the system that operates in on/off pulses.

Each day, over the span of 7 days, we will look closely at the overall themes and signals of the Root Center and the meanings of its connections to its surrounding Centers.

You'll get 7 super short contemplations (one a day for seven days) to help you explore how you can learn to better trust in Divine Timing, assess the health of your Root Center and be in better alignment with Time in your life. 

This 7-Day Challenge will apply to you whether you have an Open/Undefined or Defined Root Center!

You can’t control time or timing, but you CAN influence it, join us for this challenge to find out how!

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Day 1 will release on July 5th