Your Relationship Energy Blueprint - Human Design, Type and Love

When relationships work, they add to our lives, heal us and bring us love, joy and acceptance. But, being in a relationship that works requires a skills, information and and awareness that most of us were never given.

We are taught that relationships take “hard work” and that to be in a good relationship means that you have to be patient, loving and kind, which often translates, for many of us, to tolerating things we don’t like and giving up what we want.

We think we get brownie points for being “nice”, but what we really get is resentment, frustration, despair and even physical illness.

If you’re like most people I coach, you really love your partner, you remember those close moments of connection at the beginning of your relationship, but the challenges of living together and staying connected has left you frustrated, hurt and even feeling unloved.

Or, maybe your relationship is okay, but you’ve fallen into old patterns and habits and are looking for that “zing” and don’t know how to take your relationship from being good to being great.

Relationship “DNA”

Just like your genetic “DNA”, you also have a relationship “DNA”, your unique energy blueprint that determines what you need and want to feel loved, valued and accepted in any relationship.

Your relationship “DNA” is as unique as you are. There is no one else like you with your “DNA”.

If you want to have great relationships, you have to know your unique configuration, what works for you and how to fully activate your Relationship “DNA”.

Being in any kind of a relationship is the number one biggest challenge of our “Soul Curriculum” as humans. We all have big ideas about how love should be, should feel, should look like, but actually embodying love in our relationships is often hard.

In Relationships, Love & Human Design, you’re going to learn:

• The three Love Factors that have to be in place in your relationship if you want your relationship to last
• How to understand your and your partner’s unique relationship “DNA” (your Human Design)
• How to use this understanding to improve communication, intimacy and love in your relationship
• How to identify what you really need to feel loved, accepted and valued
• The three phases of relationships
• About Profiles and Love
• Love by Type
• About Soulmates and Twin Flames
All of this requires intention, being deliberate and a system that helps you not only know yourself, but also helps you understand the people you’re in relationship with. When you understand yourself, your unique energetic hardwiring, your “soul curriculum” and how you best communicate - and you have these same key insights about the people who you love - you CAN transform your relationships and deepen your experience of LOVE in your life.