What if you could consistently feel spiritually connected, living your purpose and allowing Life’s Intelligence to flow through you - and master the Soul Curriculum of your Quantum Human Design™?

Join me for this Quantum Human Design™ Program: “Raising Your Frequency by Design”, Consciousness, Human Design and Activating Your Quantum Mind.


I’m going to be exploring all the codes for creative, aligned living in the Quantum Human Design™ chart.

If you’re curious about:

• Why relationships are so important

• What consciousness is and how it evolved

• How to expand our consciousness further

• Why life is full of ‘meaning’

• How consciousness connects to matter

• Why our universe is an evolving universe

• Why consciousness will never be pinned down by brain science

• How human consciousness changed over the last 2,000 years

• Why we experience time passing – when physicists say time is an illusion

• The function of mysticism

• What ‘self-development’ really means

• Can our individual consciousness survive death?

• And, if so, in what circumstances might that happen?

Then this course is for you.

I’m Karen Curry Parker, author of Understanding Human Design and many other best-selling Quantum Human Design™ books. I’ve been a teacher and a student of Human Design for 23 years. 

I’m excited to share this journey with you! I’m looking forward to watching you see the full potential of being in alignment with the coherent guidance and the Intelligence of Life creating through you as you bring yourself into greater alignment with your Authentic Self and the feeling of living aligned with your true Purpose.

During this 12-week self-study program you’re going to learn:

• Your Quantum Code for raising your vibrational frequency contained within your Quantum Human Design chart.
• How to use interpret your unique code to help you be more present, call in more support, deepen your capacity for intimacy, trust in Divine Timing, tap into greater vitality, turn on the creative powers of your Quantum Mind and stay consistent with your faith.

What you’ll get:

• 12 video lessons to help you unlock the Quantum Code of your Human Design
• 2 Q&A Session Replays
• A pdf accompanying workbook to help you master the lessons
• Brand-New Introduction to Quantum Human Design™ video

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All Sales are final and non-refundable. On a case-by-case basis a request may be made for an exception and reviewed. The reason we’ve implemented this policy is because you will have instant access to the complete training upon purchase and we’re looking for committed students only. If you do the work and invest in the process, you will see the value and transformation. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and inspired, action-oriented learning.