"This program is everything I vibrated to the Universe that I wanted and more than I anticipated! After completing Level 2, I am confidently doing readings and have an increasing amount of business referrals coming to me with no advertising. I know I am doing exactly the work I am designed for in this time to help more people achieve alignment with their inner being.

Karen is so knowledgeable and shares freely everything she knows with nothing but positive intent. Karen's whole team is amazing! I know without a doubt I will establish a successful and sustainable business in the next year that will allow me to drop the "JOB" and follow my passion full-time with Love and Joy."

- Jazzmin Love

Your Training Journey by Level:

QHD Level 1: Introduction to Quantum Human Design

In this introductory level of training you will learn:

• A Basic Overview of Quantum Human Design

• In-depth information about each of the Five Quantum Human Design Types

• How understanding Type and Strategy for each can help people with money, relationships, parenting, health, and lifestyle

• How to help your clients make empowered decisions by helping them to connect to their innate wisdom (Quantum Human Design Authority)

Level 2: Understanding the 12 Profiles & 9 Energy Centers 

In this level of training you will learn:

• The 12 Profiles and how understanding a profile helps your clients know their relationship patterns, learning style, and what they need to feel confident about their decision-making strategy

• How the 9 Energy Centers in Quantum Human Design influences motivation and drive, and how clients can use this understanding to help them tap into greater power, a deeper connection with their Authentic self, and how to break free from limiting patterns or “feeling stuck”

Receive a 1 year free trial of the Quantum Alignment System, LLC Professional Association (QASPA) after you Certify in QHD Level 1. See benefits HERE.

"I'm truly grateful for all of the knowledge in Quantum Human Design. The trainings were thorough and I took copious notes. I had read three of Karen Curry Parker's books before taking the course (and five other Human Design books). This professional training took all of that to the next level and brought it to life. I could not say enough good things."

- Jackie Roby

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