Prerequisite: Quantum Human Design™ Level 1

Become a Certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist

Karen is the Founder & Creator of the Quantum Human Design™ for Everyone Training System. She is also one of the world’s leading Human Design teachers and best-selling author in Human Design, a TEDx Speaker, and has been teaching, speaking, coaching clients and training students for over three decades.

Karen has a deep love for helping people activate their highest potential, which in part is why she created Quantum Human Design™. Her core mission is to help people live the life they were designed to live by discovering who they are, what they are here to do and how to activate their authentic life path.

What is the difference between Traditional & Quantum Human Design?

Quantum Human Design™ is a new and transformed Human Design language deliberately engineered and upgraded by Karen Curry Parker. This new vocabulary is a positive, powerful and empowering, higher vibrational frequency language, making it more expansive, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding to help you fully activate your potential.

Course includes Quantum Alignment System Professional Association (QASPA) Membership Benefits after Certification:

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Quantum Human Design™ is a tool to teach us how to not only love ourselves but love each other better.⁠⁠

"I truly feel that we are all somehow pulled together, through Human Design and our collective contemplations of that strange chart, into a powerful nexus of Love.⁠⁠"

- Karen Curry Parker

Quantum Human Design™ Level 2 Training Covers:

The 9 Centers, 12 Profiles, 6 Lines & a little bit about Incarnation Crosses 

Course includes 12+ hours of audio and video classes with slides for each class


In this level of training you will:

• Deepen your knowledge about how people interact

 • Learn their unique energy needs

 • Learn what motivates and drives people

*You will also receive Traditional Human Design Level 2 Training with this course

"I love this community. I feel so included and supported! With the membership not only am I getting support with how to help my clients, they are allowing my business to become more visible which I am grateful for. Because of what I have learned about Quantum Human Design™ I have since learned how to weave this into the work I do with my clients. This has allowed them to fully understand themselves!​"

- Dr. Nicolya Williams

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All Sales are final and non-refundable. On a case by case basis a request may be made for an exception and reviewed. The reason we’ve implemented this policy is because this is because you will have instant access to the complete training upon purchase and we’re looking for committed students only. If you do the work and invest in the process, you will see the value and transformation. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and inspired, action-oriented learning.

"The reason I finally aligned with the training and decided to invest in it was because of the way Karen shows up consistently, the words she uses to describe what Human Design is helps us and our clients and the way her team consistently shows up to provide high quality support and experiences.

I love the depth that Karen's courses provide. Even though I have a lot of Human Design knowledge from other courses, self-study and experiential learning, Karen's courses bring a whole new perspective and a beautiful new language that I can now use with my clients to help them with deeper transformation."

- Rebecca Tervo