Prerequisite: Quantum Alignment System™ Level 1

*Must be QHD Level 2 Certified to QAS Level 2 Training.

Email [email protected] to check eligibility and enroll.



We will meet live on Zoom from 9am-3pm US central time each day, with a break for lunch.

If you live outside the US and have concerns about timing/time zone differences, please contact [email protected]

Quantum Alignment System™ Level 2 integrates more deeply with the Human Design chart.

Level 2: The Root Causes of Pain

This training begins with a LIVE 3-day intensive training virtually on Zoom. You must have completed a LIVE Quantum Alignment System Level 1 training in order to take this level.

During Level 2, you will take a deeper dive into the resiliency keys covered in Level 1, and you’ll also learn:

• The root causes of pain related to the energies of the chart.

• The key pain points connected to Quantum Human Design Type

• The 9 Energy Centers & The 6 Lines of the Profiles

You must be Quantum Human Design Level 2 Certified to take QAS Level 2 Training. To check eligibility and receive more information on dates for the next live intensive, please email [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: All levels of QAS training involve 20+ hours of live (virtual) skills practice with a partner after the weekend live intensive is complete. This is a powerful transformational process that anchors in your training and enhances your comfort level as a practitioner, and it is required for certification. So please note this time commitment when choosing to enroll and make sure it will fit into your life at this time!

"Quantum Human Design™ & the Quantum Alignment System™ trainings have been an invaluable foundation to my personal and spiritual growth. They taught me about my Design in a straightforward and user-friendly way. I gained an understanding of the HD system and received my Design template. The simplicity of these trainings left room for me to 1) discover the uniqueness of how I naturally express my Design and 2) experience its powerful real world impact.

Quantum Human Design™ is a simple tool that has yielded profound and long lasting results in my clients. The combination of their Design knowledge and me as their resource person, gives them lots of quick, meaningful, and measurable successes. They’ve turned into raving fans and trustworthy referral sources because they value their results. Karen and her team take care of my continuing education and access to community. They are incredibly responsive and it’s truly hard to keep up with how much daily support they provide.​"

- Brigitte Knight

"I know that I was guided by Spirit to these trainings with Karen Curry Parker. Being a part of the Quantum Human Design™ and Quantum Alignment System™ family has helped me make tremendous shifts in my life, relationships, and business. I have never been part of a community that offered so much support, guidance, and Love. Karen and her team are amazing!! They have been there through hard times and through the good and it has meant so much to me.

One of the things that stands out the most is the Sincerity and Authenticity that is felt within this organization! I have learned so much about myself and how to use my Strategy and Authority to make shifts in my life that I did not think were possible in such a short period of time.

There are So many courses to choose from and you never run out of new material and things to learn. It is all about growth.

I am so grateful for everything and everyone in this community!"

- Clarinda Mann