Creating aligned wealth by Quantum Human Design™

10-Week Teaching and Energetic Transmission with Karen Curry Parker

We say that “Money is power”. 

Our entire world is built around this idea.  

The struggle for money can leave you feeling “power”-less.  

The Human Design chart shows us that the energy Center most associated with power and money is the Will Center. Our entire world - and most likely your own experience with money and power - has been influenced by the shadow of the Will Center, even though it’s not actually the true source of power or money in the chart.

If you want to activate your power over money and unlock your unique code for abundance, you HAVE to learn to flip the script in your head and your subconscious programming about money and power. 

Once you take back control of your money story, you learn to access power AND support, including money, in brand new ways.  

Not only does this shift allow you to manifest what you want and need in your life, making this shift is an essential part of you fulfilling your role in helping to evolve the world.


I’m Karen Curry Parker, author of Understanding Human Design and many other best-selling Quantum Human Design™ books. I’ve been a teacher and a student of Human Design since 1999.

I’ve also struggled mightily with money. 

My own personal struggle with my abundance didn’t shift until I decoded my own money story. For years I did everything “right” when it came to manifesting and trying to create money - including working long and hard hours AND visualizing, affirming and making vision boards - with minimal results.

It took me years to realize that the “red flags” in my relationship with money started showing up when I was still in grade school when I grappled with anxiety and loneliness because I was different from the other kids.  

Bigger “red flags” started showing up when I started dating and falling in love with all the “wrong” people, people who I thought my good love could “fix”…

My relationship with money was profoundly related to my exhaustion as a mother and all the little ways that I tried to be a “good” and “nice” person at cost to myself.

Being “good” and “nice” made it hard for me to charge for my services, caused me to set bad boundaries and devalue myself in every way possible.  

The real reason why I was broke and stuck didn’t have anything to do with not visualizing, affirming or making perfect vision boards or not knowing how to manifest. I was broke because I didn’t understand my value and my power. 

To create true abundance in my life I had to untangle myself from my old conditioning and beliefs around money, value and power.

AND, I had to cultivate the courage to start living my life and defining my wealth on my own terms - in the way that was right for me.

If you’ve ever hated money, been frustrated by money, wanted more money, resented money, loved money, and feel that your relationship with money needs some serious improvements, I want to help you decode your own personal story with money - so you can create the wealth that is right and aligned for you.

(Hint: There is not one-size-fits-all way to manifest abundance. I’m going to show you how to discover your right way.)

Why you? Why heal your relationship with money right now?

The current shift in the economy and global events are asking us to redefine our perceptions of the preciousness of humanity. As we move away from material consciousness into a quantum consciousness, people can no longer be seen as commodities or numbers.

As the planet Uranus highlights the themes of Taurus until 2026, global events will force us to change and beg of us to see the value in each individual and conduct ourselves with respect for the unique and irreplaceable role that each human plays in the Cosmic plan.

This very basic shift will force us to re-evaluate government, education, economy and how we take care of each other helping us to see that we are not free until we are all free. 

This Uranian shift will bring the health of the planet into focus. We will no longer be able to afford to deny climate change and we’ll have to deal with the idea that we are all under the same sun and living on the same earth ship.  

Uranus will help us discover solutions to a situation that might initially feel impossible or ill-fated. These changes will force us to ask ourselves what do we really need and to redefine abundance as sufficiency and trusting that we will have everything we need when we need it.

Not only do you need to heal your relationship with money because you DESERVE more, you are healing your relationship with money to help heal the world.

It’s time.

Wealth and abundance isn’t about working hard, exhausting yourself, hustle grind or discovering some kind of “secret system” to building wealthy.  

True wealth and abundance requires a big shift.

A shift in how you think.

A shift in what you value.

A shift in how you work.

A shift in how you perceive yourself.  

A shift into understanding how to work with the current energies and be able to stabilize yourself and your world while things fall apart around you.

To stabilize the earth changes, we will need to change our values and create sustainably. To be sustainable in the world, we have to first and foremost, become sustainable ourselves.

We will need to be personally resilient and work in the world in such a way that allows us to sustain our personal energy. We will discover how to create from a place of sufficiency instead of fear of lack, translating this faith into right action and long-term perspectives that will allow us to restore and conserve our natural resources.

This serves two vital functions.

1. Eliminating Burnout

This will allow us to experience greater creativity and well-being because we won’t be operating from burnout. 

2. Creating Wealth that is a Manifestation of Your True Value

By crafting an economy rooted in well-being versus material gain, we take ourselves off the “time for money hamster wheel” and we begin a collective exploration of what it will take to lift all occupants on the planet to a high quality of living, starting first with ourselves.

We will be invited by Uranus to explore our attachment to the material world and to stream line what is truly important to us. Of course, because this is a Uranian shift, it will have all kinds of crazy twists and unexpected turns.

To move us forward with Love and Compassion, we will need wise, guiding Hearts who have a clear connection with the true nature of the Cosmic Plan, to shepherd the collective towards global initiatives that create a world of sustainable, equitable peace.

In other words, we need YOU!

During this powerful cycle that is laid out for us in Quantum Human Design, we expect to see old collective structures crumble. Outdated “systems” that seek to make human beings into “formulas” and fail to take into account the preciousness of each individual person will no longer be sustainable on the planet. This potentially includes corporations, government “systems” such as the healthcare “system” and the education “system”.  

We will see financial revolutions that create alternative economies using new, more equitable forms of currencies. Pay attention to concepts like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, resource sharing and co-working and co-housing. 

For you to know what to do next, to stay in the flow of well-being and wealth, you don’t need information. You need to know your unique formula for abundance, how to tap into your intuition, your emotional frequencies and how to harness quantum energies in order to be poised to create what you need and want, even when it feels like everything is falling apart.

Are you ready to take your place in the New Economy?  

Are you ready to create a new relationship with money, support, abundance and faith?

There are three vital steps in the money creation process that need to happen before you can manifest what you want in your life. 

1. You have to know what you want. (And the truth is, most of us don't actually know what we truly want....)

2. You have to believe you can have it. (Even if you don't know how to make it happen.)

3. You have to take Right Action to get it. (And stop trying every idea that leaps through your beautiful head...)

As simple as these three steps are, it's hard to implement them if you don't know who you are and how you operate. The truth is, most of us have forgotten who we really are and very few of us actually know how we operate. Most of us have been taught to go out into the world and "make it happen". Yet, only one in 25% of us can actually "make it happen" in that way.  

Not only that, the way in which we create is changing.

The value we give the world isn’t going to be measured in the same way any more. You need to learn the new ways to create and how to stand between the energies of the “old” way and the “new” way and still feel supported and powerful. 

You’re about to discover that the answer isn't "out there" at all.

It's about realignment and living in your power.

This program is for the courageous.

I'm going to invite you to let go of some pretty big paradigms and see yourself and your life from a radically different perspective. 

The world needs you to be the magnificent, beautiful and powerful being who you truly are!

Introducing the Quantum Money Program

This new 10-lesson program will give you contemplations and exercises to support you in transforming your relationship with your value and money.

During the Quantum Money Program you will:

• Learn to value yourself and stay in alignment with your unique wealth theme

• Explore your wealth blueprint so you create abundance in the way that’s right for you

• Discover what your chart says about you and money

• Discover how to consciously create the support and ease you crave around money

• Learn how to know what you really want in your life

• Learn how to shatter old limitations and beliefs that are holding you back from allowing yourself to really go for what's right for you

• Learn how to take the right kind of action that sustains you and is in alignment with your natural energy

• Learn what to do while you're waiting for the next opportunity (and how to trust Divine Timing)

• Learn the mechanics of how we create by consciously accessing the Quantum Field

• Learn how your Human Design influences how you experience your Quantum Creativity and the exact way that you can influence and increase the probability that events in your life will manifest according to your intentions

• Learn how your energy field may have been “hijacked” by others and what you can do to release old energies and reclaim your own power

The bottom line?

Your Human Design contains powerful instructions to help you manifest what you need and want. 

But you have to know how to interpret it correctly.

You’re a frequency of energy - NOT JUST A “TYPE”. Most people teaching Human Design don’t really understand the power of understanding HOW to use your Design.

You need to learn how to use your Human Design as a powerful map to help you create a truly abundant life and to play your role in the evolution of humanity.

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