Join us LIVE each year for an overview of the Planetary Transits

through the lens of Quantum Human Design™

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Would you like to know how to deliberately harness the energy of the Sun, Moon and planets to support you in creating what you want in your life?

Quantum Human Design™ is a collection of cross-cultural, ancient and modern archetypes. An archetype is a pattern of thought or symbolic image that is derived from the past collective experience of humanity.

We experience all of the archetypes in the human design charts, either from our own unique charts, our relationships or through the planetary transits. In other words, we all have all of the chart. We just experience the archetypes of the chart differently depending on the unique configuration of our individual charts.
Over the course of a calendar year, the Sun moves through all 64 of the Human Design Gates.

The Human Design Gates contain the energy code for 64 core human archetypes. As the sun moves through an archetype, it "lights up" that theme for everyone on the planet, creating a theme for the week.

We all deal with the weekly themes. Even if the theme doesn’t impact your chart deeply, it will impact the charts of the people around you. The gift of the solar transits is that it gives you an opportunity to work deliberately with all 64 of these core human archetypes and to consciously focus on living the highest expression of these energies in your daily life. The solar transits also bring you creative energies that help you meet the goals you set for yourself each year.

In this Free Broadcast, Karen Curry Parker will be sharing an overview of the planetary transits for the year and the themes they will be bringing us through the lens of Quantum Human Design™.

A replay will be available if you can not attend live.