Human Design is supposed to be an experiment that we live, not a prescribed set of rules laid out by someone else for you.

Introducing the three-month Human Design Expedition

Does this sound familiar?

“These past few years have left me wondering how to create a life that is much more aligned with my priorities! I don’t want to spend the rest of my days compromising or settling for less than what I really want.”

“I’m too busy and overwhelmed to take time for myself. Honestly, Human Design is great, but it feels impossible to actually learn enough - much less implement - everything about my Design.”

“I don’t know how to start living my Design.”

“I know my Design inside and out but I need a re-boot on the basics to get back in touch with a deeper connection with who I am…”

“How long do I actually have to WAIT???????”

“Whyeeeee do I have to waaaaaiiiittt?????”

Human Design can seem super complicated:

• 5 Types

• 12 Profiles

• 9 Centers

• 3 Circuits

• Multiple Sub Circuits

• Arrows going right, arrows going left

• 64 Gates….

Human Design can be ridiculously complex. The complexity and depth of Human Design sometimes makes it hard to reap the powerful, simple benefits of the basics of Human Design.

Just understanding your Type, Strategy, Profile and your Center configuration can help you:

• Live the life you were born to live.

• Make effective decisions to help you create a life you love.

• Take back control of your life, your power, your health and wellness and even help you have more confidence and self-worth

While your Human Design can be infinitely fascinating and illuminating, the true beauty of your Human Design isn’t always found down the rabbit hole of information.

I’ve seen it again and again. As a student, teacher and one of the world’s top best-selling Human Design authors since 1999, I’ve watched my students go deep into the sticky wicket of understanding all the parts and the nuances of their charts, often ignoring the simple truth of following your Strategy or knowing how to interpret the messages of your Emotional Theme.

While I strongly encourage you to learn all you can about your Human Design chart, the true elegance of your Human Design is in its simplicity, something we often overlook - or forget - when we jump down the “rabbit hole”.

Your life is a journey - an “expedition” - full of exciting twists and turns...

Your Human Design is simply a compass - a guidance system that helps you navigate your way to your success - in an easy and aligned way.

Whether you’re new and just learning or whether you’re going through a transformational cycle of growth, understanding and revisiting the “basics” of Type, Strategy, Emotional Themes, Authority, Profile and Centers, can yield profound understandings and insights that recalibrate you on your journey in deep and profound ways.

You see, even though there’s so much juiciness in the little bits and pieces of the chart, the chart also gives us very simple insights that can help you turn your life around on a dime.  

Recently, I taught an advanced Human Design Life Purpose course to a room of 45 people. I had over 200 slides prepared and was ready to lead them into the depth and subtleties of their Human Design chart.  

Instead, we spent almost four hours just talking about the purpose of the different Types and how the Emotional Themes of the Types have impacted their lives. They all walked away feeling more deeply connected to who they are - and more importantly HOW to live their lives authentically.

Why is this important?

When we forget the basics and buy into the idea that there is some kind of magical, complex secret that is going to “fix” everything, we start looking outside of ourselves for answers. We follow our old conditioned patterns that teach us that growth is hard. We resist change because we’re told that transformation requires tremendous risk, loss and a level of self-control that most of us don’t have.

The truth is, at it’s heart, understanding your Human Design reconnects you with a simple inner guidance system that helps you know exactly what to do and when to do it, so that you’re not confused, lost or searching outside of yourself for answers that are, in reality, right inside of you.

Your Human Design chart is a simple map to follow to help you remember who you are and HOW you going to get to where you want to be going.

Do you need a Human Design Reboot? 

Ready to build a foundation of knowledge about who you are at the root and core of your being?  

Want to reconnect to your innate ability to know exactly what the next right step in your life needs to be?

Introducing the three-month Human Design Expedition.

Together we’re going to travel a clear and easy-to-follow path to help you live the life you were born to live, know exactly what choices you need to make to help you create the life you deserve and take back control of your life journey.

In this program, You’re going to go deep into understanding your Type, your Profile and your Centers.

In addition, at the end of the three-month program, we’re going to meet online for an intensive where you’re going to go even deeper into the meaning of your chart.

Using the Quantum Narrative Re-Writing process, you’re going to craft a beautiful Life Mission Statement that will give you a powerful “due north” on your Human Design journey so that you’ll always know what direction to take your life, which decisions are right for you and how you can move forward with living the life you were born to live.

Here’s what you’ll get:

• A 3-month deep-dive integrated learning curriculum - includes video lessons, extensive workbook with contemplations, exercises and live classes

• 2-Hour Live Quantum Narrative Re-Write Intensive that includes a powerful process to help you reclaim sovereignty over your personal story and helps you write your personal mission statement.

• BONUS! One-year free membership in the Understanding Human Design online community so that you can continue to learn and grow in your understanding of your Human Design.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How to correctly make choices and take actions according to your Type.

• How to understand the messages of your Emotional Theme so that you’re not stuck in anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment.

• Exactly how to work with your Authority so that you’re always taking action at the right time, in time and on time.

• How to recognize the needs and drivers of the Lines in your Profile in order to trust yourself and your choices. (We’ll also discuss the relationship drivers for each of the Profile Lines so you can discover what you need to feel loved, seen and heard in your partnerships.)

• How your Centers influence your decisions and how to keep your energy from being “hijacked” by others.

Cost: $350

I’ll see you on the journey!!

From my Heart to Yours,