Remembering your True Value and Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Money Masterclass

The Money Wound.

We all have it.

What is the Money Wound? 

The Money Wound is an “injury” that we all carry that happens as a result of being valued by money.  

Literally, no one escapes the Money Wound.

Symptoms of the Money Wound include:

• Guilt

• Shame

• Fear

• Shutting down your power

• Denying your desires

• Feeling cut off or disconnected from your true identity

• Not valuing yourself

• Not setting good boundaries

• Over-pleasing

• Hiding out

• Limiting yourself

• Stifling your creativity

• Worry

• Struggling with money and money fears - even if you’re “rich”!

Whether you were raised to embrace your “value” because you had money (or your family had money) - or you grew up struggling for money, our experiences with money formed and shaped us, insidiously connecting our self-worth with our relationship with money.

To step into our true power, our ability to heal and align the world, to take up our roles as Healers, Guardians of the Divine, Leaders, Teachers and Builders of an equitable, peaceful, just and sustainable world, we must heal the Money Wound.

In all the years that I’ve worked as a Healer in the world, I’ve watched people again and again, hold themselves back because of the Money Wound, devaluing their strengths and gift because of money. 

I’ve watched people be denied the fulfillment of their passions and purpose because of money. I’ve watched people deep in the throes of the gut-wrenching fears that money can trigger.

I know this experience myself. For years I struggled and grappled with the Money Wound while I raised my family and fought to keep my business profitable. I’ve lost cars to the repo man, lost a house to foreclosure, been bankrupt and had my own fair share of financial pain.

Even though I have more money now, I still have to guard myself daily against the Money Wound.

We store this wound on a genetic level. It’s in our cells, in the dark recesses of our mind and it still plays out archetypically and literally on the planet to this day. 

Science tells us that we can carry up to 14 generations of memories in the proteins that regulate the expression of our DNA. The odds are pretty high that you have the Money Wound in your ancestral pedigree.

You are valuable simply because you exist.  

Read that again.

You. Are. Valuable. Simply. Because. You. Exist.

Your Human Design shows that you are designed to be infinitely supported in the fulfillment of your unique Life Purpose, the role that you were born to live and to receive all the support you need to be who you are designed to be.

But when we are trained towards old false truths, such as “survival of the fittest” and “he who has the most toys wins” and we follow the old formulas of success that measure your value with money and how much you hustle, we experience the Money Wound.  

And we stop ourselves short from doing what we came here to do.

Want to learn more and find vital insights into how you can heal the Money Wound and clear the path for generations to come to experience genuine, aligned abundance that is rooted in well-being?

Want to permanently heal your relationship with money?

Join me for a one-hour Masterclass, Healing Your Money Wound by Design.

In this program you’re going to learn:

• What causes the Money Wound

• How to identify the “symptoms” of the Money Wound

• What causes us to push money away or be afraid of money

• The root of why money is so challenging

• What you need to clear to build a healthy, vibrant relationship with money

Look, you deserve to activate a life that includes the full expression of who you are in the way that is alignment with how you are.  

All of this is possible when you heal the Money Wound.

Join me.

From my Heart to Yours,


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