Burned at the stake…


Your wisdom denied…

Your power shut down or hidden…

It’s time we heal the Wound of the Witch.

Witches were perceived as evil beings by early Christians in Europe, inspiring the iconic Halloween figure. Even though we associated witches primarily with this archetype, witches are multi-cultural and multi-ethnic.

Images of witches have appeared in various forms throughout history—from evil, wart-nosed women huddling over a cauldron of boiling liquid to hag-faced, cackling beings riding through the sky on brooms wearing pointy hats. In pop culture, the witch has been portrayed as a benevolent, nose-twitching suburban housewife; an awkward teenager learning to control her powers and a trio of charmed sisters battling the forces of evil. 

The real history of witches, however, is dark and, often for the witches, deadly. 

The majority of people killed for witchcraft historically was predominantly women. About 10-15% of witches killed were men.

Witches are healers, medicine women and men, shamans, priestesses and priests, teachers, the ones who owned the sacred mysteries and learned how to cultivate the Will, the Words and the Way.  

It is the Witch who knows the whisperings that bring a person “back from the dead”, how to restore wellness and vitality, to harness the forces of nature and the cosmos to create and to read the patterns of nature to predict the future in order to keep others safe.


The witch is the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, the ones who embody passion, compassion and seeks to build a lasting legacy that is in harmony with the Truth.

For hundreds of years we’ve tried to kill the Witch.

We’ve been afraid of her wisdom. We’ve been terrified of her Truth. We’ve sought to control her power. We’ve tried to extinguish her Will. We burned her Words. We’ve blocked her Way.

And still, we feel her.  

The Magick twitching, electric in us. The longing to say the Truth, to pull the strings of the Cosmos and heal the world, to fight and protect those who have forgotten their power and to initiate the children into living in alignment with the Heartbeat of the Mother. We’ve denied but secretly craved her.

Do you relate to this? 

As you read these words, do they resonate deep within you, awakening a potent memory that you forced yourself to bury because you learned at an early age that it’s not safe to listen, it’s not allowed for you to speak, it’s forbidden for you to follow the path that you know is yours to follow….

Did you learn to disconnect from the whisperings of the wisdom that guides you, to deny the words that proclaimed your value, your power, your knowingness and to block your path so that when the Truth (and the moon) called you refused to walk, glued inside the box that was built for you that contains the expectations and obligations that make you “nice” and “successful”.

We are often complicit in the killing of our own inner Witch, the Wise One that lives within us.  

"The Witch is the Healer, the Guardian of the Mother, the Heart and the Power that creates, the Teacher and the Leader. It’s time we bring her back."

Hi Love, I’m Karen Curry Parker. I’m a 30-year Transformational Teacher, Author, Speaker & Coach, one of the world’s top authorities on Human Design, the creator of a powerful healing system called the Quantum Alignment System, an expert on using the power of archetypes to heal (I’m actually getting my Ph.d in this field), a publisher and podcaster, a former midwife, a mother, a daughter and a grandmother.

I’m also a witch.

I don’t wear a pointy hat, eat children or cast curses.  

But I do use my intuition, the power of words to create, and I innately understand my role as a Healer, a Guardian of the Earth, an activator of Heart and Power, a Teacher and a Quantum Creator of the world in which I live.

For hundreds of years, the collective fear of our innate feminine power has caused us to kill witches.

“Witches” stood in the way of religious power and control. “Witches” could heal people with their knowledge, their Hearts and their herbs, often better than physicians. (Did you know it was the “witch”, Florence Nightingale, who taught physicians to wash their hands between patients to prevent the spread of infection?)

Witches could foretell the future by paying attention to patterns and if the powers-that-be didn’t like the obvious facts, they killed the witches. 

To be a witch meant you stood in your power, spoke your truth, used your gifts to help others, compelled people to do the right thing, created with the future in mind, offered care and compassion to your community, had a deep connection to Source and built the world around you with unwavering faith.

To step into our true power, our ability to heal and align the world, to take up our roles as Healers, Guardians of the Mother, Leaders, Teachers and Builders of an equitable, peaceful, just and sustainable world, we must heal the Witch Wound.

In all the years that I’ve worked as a Healer in the world, I’ve watched people again and again, hold themselves back because of the Witch Wound.

The Witch Wound is the ancestral and spiritual memory of hundreds of years of being killed for your wisdom, your intuition and your healing ability. We store this wound on a genetic level. It’s in our cells, in the dark recesses of our mind and it still plays out archetypically and literally on the planet to this day. (People are still being killed for being witches.)

What are some of the symptoms of the Witch Wound?

• Guilt

• Shame

• Fear

• Shutting down your power

• Denying your desires

• Feeling cut off or disconnected from your true identity

• Not valuing yourself

• Not setting good boundaries

• Over-pleasing

• Hiding out

If you feel your Purpose burning inside of you but you hold yourself back, struggle with visibility, have a self-sabotage pattern that keeps you stuck in the same place, are afraid to speak your Truth and fear saying what is yours to say, you may be struggling with the ancestral lineage of your Witch heritage.


Science tells us that we can carry up to 14 generations of memories in the proteins that regulate the expression of our DNA. The odds are pretty high that you have a witch in your ancestral pedigree.  

It’s time to heal the Witch Wound.

Magick, REAL Magick, requires that we suspend all doubts and beliefs in the fixed formulas of life. 

It requires a deep ability to navigate the formless with confidence and power, directing Life Force with the intention to help the world move towards unity, coherence and to evolve. It requires a willingness to listen, the ability to transform the Divine into language and a way to transmit and share your knowledge and power.  

But when we carry the Witch Wound, our egos (the Will) are bruised and broken - the downfall of all witches in fairy tales - we misuse the power of language and we cast spells that manifest a world that doesn’t reflect our true power and the truth of who we really are - midwives here to heal the world and help birth a better future.

When we heal the Witch Wound we use our power for the greater good, to defend the innocent, to feed the hungry, to bend time and disapparate the limiting patterns of the material world.  

Healed Witches create with unwavering faith that is fully supported by the Cosmos. We use our power to unlock the illusion of the material plane.

The Will. The Words. The Way.

Introducing a Quantum Human Design program: Healing the Witch Wound by Design

During this three-month program you’re going to:

• Call in your ancestral Witch lineage and heal your disconnect from your ancestral magic  

• Discover the science of Magic and how to use real magic to heal your life, your loved ones and the world

• Re-Interpret your Quantum Human Design through the lens of your Witch Wound and use it to cast a spell to reclaim your Power 

• Use your magic to create the life you long for

• Find your Path to fulfilling your Purpose

• Release yourself from the trauma of the Witch Wound

• Learn which elements are supported by your Human Design and how to use them to amplify your Magic

• Learn your unique way of Hearing

• Heal your Will

• Find your Way 

All by “Design”

How it works:

We will begin on the New Moon and Winter Solstice, December 21st at 12pm CST. We will meet on each New Moon, and Full Moon, for three months (see call schedule below.)

In between each Lunar gathering, you’ll receive a series of online videos, homework, contemplations and at-home rituals to help you reclaim your Will and activate your Power.  

You also have the option to purchase a kit of powerful Magickal flower essences to help you ground your rituals and clear the karma of the Witch Wound.

On the Full Moon calls you’ll participate in an integrated energy healing program using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Quantum Human Design to rewire your genetic memories and heal the Witch Wound in all directions of time.

Call Schedule Dates & Times

(Replays will be available for all calls if you can not attend Live)

December 2022:

• Wednesday 21st 12-1pm - Opening Call New Moon (Winter Solstice)

January 2023:

• Thursday 5th 1-2pm - Full Moon

• Monday 16th 12:30pm - Q&A

• Tuesday 24th 12-1pm - New Moon

February 2023:

• Thursday 2nd 2-3pm - Full Moon

• Thursday 16th 2pm - Q&A

• Tuesday 21st 12pm-1pm - New Moon

March 2023:

• Thursday 9th 2-3pm - Full Moon

• Thursday 16th 2pm - Q&A

• Tuesday 21st 2-3pm - New Moon (Spring Equinox)

Healing the Witch Wound by Design Curriculum Modules:

1. Introduction to the Lunar Cycles

2. The Words The Will & The Way, an Introduction to the Legacy of the Witch Wound and why we need to heal it

3. The Words The Will & The Way - Part 2, The Science of the Will and the transformation of the Heart

4. Healing the Will

5. Activating Intuitive Listening by Design

6. The Words - the Science of Spelling

7. Writing your Spell

8. Building a prayer field spell and other magical uses of words

9. The Way - the Five elements and Human Design

10. Unwavering Faith - the ultimate Magick wand 

You’ll also receive the Quantum Alignment System Foundation Class ($147 value) and be initiated into a private online community where you’ll work on creating, manifesting and healing together.

We’ve created a three-tiered tuition program that allows us to make this program as accessible as possible.  

Tier 1 is for those who are still learning the Way of Abundance. Tier 2 of tuition covers our costs. Tier 3 allows your tuition to be used to allow more people to join the program.

Enrollment Closes December 21st.

All Sales are final and non-refundable. On a case by case basis a request may be made for an exception and reviewed. The reason we’ve implemented this policy is because you will have instant access to the complete Content upon purchase and we’re looking for committed students only. If you do the work and invest in the process, you will see the value and transformation. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and inspired, action-oriented learning.

The future of the world lies in the hands of the Healed Witch. 

She is here to birth the energetic template of the New World with her Power and by restoring the Will, the Words and the Way. She uses her hands to heal those in pain, to distribute nourishment, to co-create with nature, to program the waters and to amplify the Love in the world.  

She casts the spells that redefine the story of Who We Are. She builds the Temple of Tomorrow with her Faith as she stands strong and unwavering in defense of the innocent and proclaiming the Right Path for future generations.

The Healed Witch is You.

Join us.

From my Heart to Yours,