The Human Design chart shows us that resiliency, the end goal of de-conditioning, is comprised of 9 key traits. These key traits give you a way to assess your level of conditioning and de-conditioning.⁠

This course is for you if you want to stop feeling stuck, blocked or broken... 

De-Conditioning by Design

Learn how to use your Human Design chart to untangle yourself from old stories that keep you buying into the lie that it’s not okay for you to be WHO you are and HOW you are. 

You’re Going to Learn:

• About Courage through the Gates of the Spleen Center
• De-Conditioning and Divine Timing
• The 5 ways you’ve been conditioned and how to start de-conditioning
• What your Human Design chart reveals about how to fully activate your energetic potential
• How to decode the events of your life that are keeping you playing small and the new codes you can install today to elevate your Authentic Self