The Future of our Economy and How to Build an Equitable, Just, Abundant and Sustainable World

Capitalism isn’t going away, but don’t despair because... 

Capitalism is not THE Problem.

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During this Class You’re Going to Learn:

• Why capitalism ISN’T the problem (and what really IS the problem with our economy…)
• Why you have to heal your Inner Capitalist if you want to break free from the old economic model
• Why rethinking business and the economy is essential for us to find the solutions to our current global challenges
"The depth of information, presented in such a coherent way is mind-blowing and paradigm-shifting. 

I don't know how KCP sustains herself energetically in the magnitude of her offerings - but I'm so grateful for her sharing her gift of teaching and coaching. Don't miss it."

- Renee Michelle
Capitalism isn't THE Problem

This important class is essential for all entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

This class is for you if:

• You feel disgruntled, frustrated, concerned, fearful, worried or disempowered when you think about the way the world is set up right now
The challenges ahead are unprecedented during this pivotal and important time on the planet. 

You need to know how to navigate this unusual time and learn how to find the leading-edge opportunities to help reclaim our economic power and create equitably and abundantly in the world.